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GearCon (almost)
Daria proofreads
Thursday, 2 July 2015
My GearCon tale begins the day before...and involves very little GearCon.

The week before I found that my car battery was truly dead, rather than just "mostly dead," by hooking it up to a recharging unit and having no electrons actually deposited into the lead brick. Hm. So I removed the old one, acquired a new one, and discovered that it was trickier than I'd anticipated to have someone nearby to spot me in case I suddenly screamed, convulsed, or caught fire. Several days of trying to get someone else to help with a few minutes of standing ended Thursday morning, when I cornered Paul in between more interesting tasks; actually hooking up the battery took about 60 seconds and gave me no trouble.

Behold, the car started! (Memo: cars work better with electricity.)

Now that the vehicle was physically operational again I swung into a flurry of errands during the afternoon - I will keep a straight face while telling people this is entirely normal for me rather than a pleasing exception - and treated myself that evening by driving out for a burger.

At the hotel there were indeed GearCon people setting up, just not very many. Several dealers were already getting their tables ready. There didn't seem to be much else to prepare early Thursday evening.

I did find a responsible looking person to ask two questions; I learned that registration was scheduled to open at 1pm and that nobody there that evening was sure how much ordinary attendees would pay for parking. Okay.

Penguin is handling their con suite again this year but she was busy with other things and will be in Friday morning.

More when I actually have something to report.